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How can we explain what RCCG Hisdwelling Place Parish @Bilston does easily? By FREGH!
"Family, Reproducing, Emerging Leaders, Governing Church, Healthy Church"

Church family


Our vision is building friendship, respect, empathy, generosity and harmony among our families and communities by supporting each other in a tangible and noticeable way.

Three Generations


Our vision is to see a reproductive society and multiplying families and communities that is fruitful in all areas of their lifestyle.

Public Speaker


Our vision is to identify, equip and release young emerging leaders into our communities and nation.

Minimalist Church
Woman Praying


Our vision is making Jesus known through the seven spheres of influence across our Christian social responsibility. We will support individuals in areas of key governance roles across the nation. (Life is ruled by law and the most important law is the law of recognition)


Our vision is to see vibrant and healthy families and communities that maintain biblical standards on salvation, prayers, discipleship and Christian living, while also in total compliance with the laws of the land.  We shall aim to ensure and support individuals to undergo a periodic health check based on key developmental variables.

Church Services: Services

Our objective is to pursue the values set by RCCG until every nation in the world understands and wants to follow Lord Jesus Christ, willingly!

Come talk to Pastor Emmanuel Folarin at Hisdwelling Place Parish @Bilston and see how he has helped so many individuals transform their lives.

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